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photo by Muskegon River Lodge

Standing around your local fly shop and hearing all the amazing destinations to travel to is exciting, but can be frustrating if you have no idea where they are talking about.

Here is a little help from us!

photo courtesy of - Muskegon River Lodge

Jen Ripple holds a perfect winter Steelhead caught using a swung fly on the Muskegon River.

Where is It?
Muskegon, Michigan is located on the west coast of the lower peninsula of Michigan.  The Muskegon River flows through the heart of the city on its way to Lake Michigan.

What to fish for?
When traveling to Muskegon you will be targeting steelhead in the spring, winter and fall, salmon in the fall and trout and smallmouth during the summer on the Muskegon River.  This river is one of the best destinations for migratory steelhead and salmon in Michigan.

Where to Stay?
We usually stay at the Muskegon River Lodge (MuskegonRiverLodge.com).  This Orvis-endorsed lodge boasts a private chef, sauna, hot tub and separate woman cave with comfy couches, pool table, dart board and a large meeting room.

What to bring?
7-9 weight single or two handed rods, with a large arbor reel holding at least 200 yards of backing.  While floating lines are best for the trout and smallmouth, we prefer sinking Scandinavian-style shooting heads for targeting steelhead and salmon.

Fly choice varies by the season and conditions, we never leave home with out a collection of Midwestern spey style flies and some dries for the trout.

Who to fish with?
The Muskegon River has many great guides working the river.  Some of the most famous guides in the Midwest work this river.  That being said, every time we've visited the area we have fished with RiverQuest Charters (RiverQuestCharters.com).

Is there a destination you're curious about?  Send your question to us at: editor@DUNmagazine.com

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