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DUN Empower Articles

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Taking On Tenkara

Giving Tenkara a try.

A few years back, when I first ventured into the world of fly fishing, I remember my friend sending me an advertisement for something called a "Tenkara" rod accompanied by a message that we should check these rods out for our backcountry adventures. I also recall my immediate rejection of the idea of tackling a new style of fishing. My immersion into fly fishing was still very fresh and shedding the comfort of my reel not only seemed unappealing, it was out of the question. Easily brushing off the idea of experimenting with a new type of rod., I sank deeper into the world of fly fishing I had first fallen in love with. I fished every chance presented to me, read blogs, stalked fly shops, mimicked anglers around me and talked fish to anyone who would listen.

by ~ Jenny Sullivan
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Testing out the new Zense in New Zealand.

Before my trip to New Zealand I got a new Zense rod to test in hard New Zealand conditions. There is no better place in the world where you can put your freshwater rod into more complex conditions. It‘s not only because these fish are super powerful, it is also because they are so spooky. They don‘t give you a single chance to make a mistake. Your casting has to be exact. Your fly has to fall gently on the surface, and for sure the rod has to have enough power to fight with New Zealand‘s beasties. Sometimes you have to cast a longer distances without losing precision

by ~ Katka Svagrova
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Spic N Span

Not cleaning your natural fly tying materials? Maybe you should rethink that.

Why would you ever want to take the time to clean your fly tying materials?

by ~ Donna Luallen
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DUN Scientific Articles

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Mercury & Dragonflies

Understanding how mercury gets into our fish.

It's always interesting for me, being an aquatic biologist and angler, to look down into the water and see the diversity of life on the bottom of a beautiful stream. It wasn't until recently during my time researching invertebrates, that I now go out to a stream while fishing and wonder how much mercury, a neurotoxin, is in the body of the small critter my fly is trying to resemble.

by ~ Megan Hess
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A fly fishing manufacturer designer shares her story.

I've been developing designs for Sage, Redington and RIO for about 4 years now. It's been a true pleasure to work in an industry that is so clearly passionate about the sport of fly fishing.

by ~ Nicole Labrie
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After The Fires

A look at the Smokies after

“There were no fish kills observed immediately after the fires. We do not anticipate any short or long-term population impacts on the trout streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

by ~ Charity Rutter
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DUN Conservation Articles

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Lahontan Trout

Working to protect Lahontan Trout.

From the time I was a little girl, I was always different. While other parents were successfully dressing their daughters for school in adorable ruffles and smocked dresses, my parents were wrestling me out of Dad's fishing waders and rubber boots just long enough to go to school. I was a girl acting in a uniquely creative, vehemently independent and bracingly inquisitive manner. I regularly challenged my parents as I wandered the creeks behind our home in search of exciting adventures and new investigations. To my benefit, my parents always embraced this curiosity and creativity., encouraging me to explore my favorite environment.

by ~ Lanie Galland
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Steelhead otoliths - who's listening?

Laurentian Great Lakes steelhead are a complex stock of fish. The population is a mixture of hatchery-released and wild, naturally reproduced fish originating from many different streams. Knowing the natal streams of the fish is important to best managing this species, as it allows for targeted insertion and management to the areas that are the major contributors to the total lake population. Fortunately, we may be able to determine the natal stream of a fish by looking at its otolith.

by ~ Nicole Watson
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Spectacular Places

Fly fishing and the ecosystem make for the perfect experience.

My father always says a large part of his love for fly fishing derives from its ability to bring you to spectacular places that otherwise you may never see. An avid recreational fly fisherman, he has been introducing me to places over the last few years. Although not instantly enamored by the fishing part, I continued to go on the trips because I love to travel and spend time with my family. It wasn’t the idea of fly fishing for bonefish and tarpon that convinced me to go to Cuba; truthfully those fish meant nothing to me before June.

by ~ Hannah Kiesler
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DUN Photography Articles

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Tarpon fishing in Tabasco, Mexico

A photo essay about fishing and life in Tabasco, Mexico.

by ~ Jennifer Guevara
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New Zealand Reflections

Fishing in New Zealand takes a different turn once you move there and are no longer on holiday.

I had in the past given some thought to being an expat - Dubai, Croatia, Japan, but an Aussie expat in New Zealand? Not really. As a fly angler having visited NZ on countless adventures, it almost felt like a second home anyway!

by ~ Kristina Royter
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Road Trip

Heading South for some time with friends and trout.

Editor Nome Buckman takes us on a road trip with some of her friends to a place that looks like it should be in Europe, but is actually in South Carolina!

by ~ Nome Buckman
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