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I have to admit; I was not fast to jump on the Yeti bandwagon. I'm not usually a cult follower and thought it was ridiculous that a cooler would sell for so much. Maybe, just maybe, I was also a little jealous that a company could turn something that's been around forever and worked just fine, into that cult item.

photo courtesy of - Yeti

But over the years, I've become a believer. I've become a believer because the products are better. While I still don't quite understand why there's a need for a tiny little cooler that keeps a six-pack of beer cold for 24 hours, (I mean if you and a friend can't drink your six-pack in 24 hours you may as well find different friends), I do understand the need for a tremendous soft-sided cooler in your boat.


The Hoppers that Yeti has come out within present times have been, IMHO, both good, bad, and ugly. Enter the age of the Hopper M30 which is available TODAY! The predecessor was durable, and this one is too. However, this one is BETTER. Goodbye to that crazy wet suit type zipper that was tough to pull open and in earlier models scratched up your hand. The new model has a re-engineered opening and closes almost on its own with a new trademarked strip of ultra-strong magnets. I had the opportunity to see how this new closure works at ICAST, and this is one upgrade worth purchasing.


We trust that this one is as tough as the last one, without that crazy hand-eating zipper.

Hopper M30

By Yeti

MSRP - $299.99
photo courtesy of - Yeti

The new magnetic closure system is the reason you need to upgrade to this newer Hopper.