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photo by Lisa Williams

When Josh and I found out we were having a little girl, we both cried tears of Joy.  Josh won’t admit that, but I’m telling his secret.  I cook his meals and am the mother of his children.  He can’t get too mad right?  Besides the “She’s never dating”, “She’s never leaving the house” spiel, he said three things to me that day that melted my heart.  Through the tears he told me “I really want her to be proud to have me as her father.” “I’m going to work really hard to be the husband to you that she needs me to be.  I want to show her how a man is supposed to treat her,” and “I’m taking her hunting and fishing with me as soon as she’s old enough.”

photo by - Lisa Williams

After all, he’s raising a young lady that will one day become a wife and a mother if she so chooses.  It’s a huge responsibility!

Josh has more than lived up to every single promise he made that day; Emma Jo is an epic daddy’s girl. She is fiercely protective and proud of her daddy.  She is his right hand (wo)man, literally, and she is his best fly fishing buddy.

Fly fishing is one of those sports that teaches us lessons which can be carried over into everyday life, especially when learned early.  And, especially when taught by your father.

Josh takes Emma Jo fishing as often as possible and she absolutely loves it!  Nine times out of ten when Josh asks Emma Jo what she would like to do that day, no matter how cold or hot it is outside, she says “Take me fishing, daddy.”

I usually tag along on their fishing excursions.  You know, to carry their water and extra gear.  I’m basically their human donkey, but I also get to witness and capture photographically their daddy-daughter bond growing.  In between falling off of rocks, running away from spiders and avoiding poison ivy, I am able to overhear Josh giving Emma Jo simple instructions on casting and fishing.  I don’t think he’s even aware of it, but he’s teaching her so much more than how to fish!

He’s teaching her about life; how to be patient and gentle and how to appreciate nature, how to be thankful for God’s creation and how to treat it with respect.  Many of these lessons will help form her character and how she treats the people she comes in contact with throughout her life.

photo by - Lisa Williams

Reminds me of that Trace Adkins song Just Fishin’.

I must say though, sometimes Emma Jo teaches Josh and I so much about happiness and contentment  while on these fishing excursions.  Any fish, no matter how small, is the absolute best fish!  She screeches with laughter and excitement when daddy yells “Fish on!”  Josh’s voice goes up a couple octaves and he starts laughing uncontrollably.  It’s a beautifully hilarious thing.

photo by - Lisa Williams

Sitting on the sidelines is sometimes such a blessing to me.  I am able to see what’s really going on between a daddy and his baby girl. From a mother who was once “Daddy’s little Lou Lou Bell,” there is no greater time spent than with the man who will shape the woman you become.   

The quality time spent together creates memories they both will cherish as time goes on.  As we all know, these babies grow up so fast!  Too fast.  These precious hours spent near the water are so therapeutic for all involved.

photo by - Lisa Williams

From the heart of Josh’s wife and Emma Jo’s mother, I am confident I chose the right life partner.

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