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photo by Carmen Hardin

I shirked my household chores today. 

First a latte.  Then I wrangled the canoe on top of the car.  And a second latte.  I was ready to go fish.  At a lake with plentiful, large and easy Bass.  At least that’s what I was told.

So a short drive ensues.  Unload the canoe.  Make sure coffee cup doesn’t tip over as I launch the canoe.  And I start fishing.  And I catch some fish.  Small Bluegills.  A Sunfish.  But they’re fish.

And there are the turtles.  The lake is so clear I can see them several feet under me.  Or swimming next to me.  They don’t seem at all bothered by me or my boat.
I started wondering about the tales of Bass.  No sign of them.  I head over to the other side of the lake.  Wind kept blowing me into shore.  And I see them.  Big Bass.  They’re hugging the shore in a mess of lily pads.  But I try.

photo by - Carmen Hardin

Flies get hung up on lily pads.  Bass ignore the poppers.  I get frustrated.  Then as I’m ready to call it quits, I get a bite.  A fish took my popper.

photo by - Carmen Hardin

Rod up.  Line tight.  Slowly bring the fish in to me.  Then I see it.  A huge Bass!  Calm down.  Just keep bringing it in.  Grab the net.  Just keep the line tight.  A little closer.  And ... snap!  The line breaks and the fish is gone.  Some slightly foul words may have drifted across the lake.
Go home.  Have a BLT.

Vow to never buy cheap bacon again.

photo by - Carmen Hardin

Mow lawn.  Fix lawn mower.  Finish mowing lawn.  Pick some wild blackberries.  And then head over to another lake. More Bluegills.  Sunfish.  Take a picture of what may be biggest of the evening - it was.  And it certainly wasn’t that big.  And at 7 pm, the lake goes quiet.  Everyone scurries into their cabins to watch the ball game and I have the lake to myself.
I stay out too late.  It’s dark.  But the Loons come out.  I have three trailing behind me.  They’re chasing fish just at the surface.  Again, they don’t seem to mind me and the boat.  So I watch them.

A good day. 

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