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photo by Nome Buckman

A NEW and exciting fly tying product.  You saw it here first!  3-Wire Articulating Shanks by Tumbleweed Fly and Tackle for tying big articulated flies for fresh and saltwater species who want the beef! 

The 3-Wire shank comes in packs of six with three lengths to choose from.  They are also very reasonable.  Made in the USA of ultra lightweight wire, the three shanks are bonded together with tying thread to help maintain strength while shedding unnecessary casting weight.  I can see using these shanks for SOOOO many different kinds of fish. 

photo by - Nome Buckman

Use thread to close and strengthen the shank.

This product has been heavily tested on very hungry tiger musky by the creator and manufacturer, David Goodridge.  I will be testing my flies on striped sea bass in the near future.

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