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photo by Petr Petersson

What The Company Says
* The ground-breaking and innovative Free-Flex handle is designed on the basis of the logical   principle that a rod’s power potential is situated in the butt section of the blank.

*ArcticSilver ZENSE rods use the full power potential in the rod’s lower section by letting the blank load inside a hollow handle. The Free-Flex handle allows the butt section of the blank to load with less energy – it’s simple and it works!

*ArcticSilver’s Free-Flex rods represent a new category of fly rods making for a unique feeling, improved ergonomics, precision and effortless distance. The concept is protected by international patents.

My Thoughts
Before my trip to New Zealand I got a new Zense rod to test in hard New Zealand conditions.  There is no better place in the world where you can put your freshwater rod into more complex conditions.

photo by - Petr Petersson

It‘s not only because these fish are super powerful, it is also because they are so spooky. They don‘t give you a single chance to make a mistake. Your casting has to be exact.  Your fly has to fall gently on the surface, and for sure the rod has to have enough power to fight with New Zealand‘s beasties. Sometimes you have to cast a longer distances without losing precision.

After few days of testing, I realized that I found all of that in the new Zense rod.

Another nice surprise came up when I got my first New Zealand brown trout on the rod. I remember the evening well.  I was quite disappointed from an all day tour without any fish (weather was just bad and rivers were pretty high).  We were preparing our tents for a simple dinner and a good night’s rest, when I decided to walk down to river to wash my dirty waders.

It was a magical evening; the sun was slowly disappearing behind the horizon, sandflies were biting like a hell … and then I saw him.  A big brown trout was sitting behind a rock, rising from time to time.  I quickly crouched to the ground, my heart pounding, and for a few seconds I didn't know what to do.  I felt like a little girl lost somewhere in the New Zealand jungle.  That trout just looked sooo big.  But, soon I came to my senses and grabbed the new rod.

I took my Zense rod and the game began. My friend Petr navigated my cast from the bank. It took maybe 20 casts until the brown finally rose for my nymph. Hook set and I finally felt the free flex feeling.  The blank blended more freely when I was fighting the fish and the contact with the fish was so sensitive.  This rod helped me catch my first New Zealand brown! What a magic moment!

photo by - Petr Petersson

Final Verdict
My super dynamic combo was the new Zense model from ArcticSilver Innovation in the 9.6 foot, 6 wt, Einarsson Plus reel and RIO gold floating line, which made the perfect combo to feel the pure New Zealand brown and enjoy every second on the water.

All Zense ArcticSilver fly rods blanks are covered by a lifetime warranty and they are made from the most recent high-end (46T) Nano-Carbon material. Quick lock system will facilitate and speed up the exchange of your reel. Even though the handle looks heavy, in fact the handle is really light and at the same time very powerful and able to endure a strong fight.

photo by - Petr Petersson

This rod was everything that I expected and what I required for my New Zealand trip.  I would suggest this rod to every fly angler who likes a modern design and who is not afraid of new things.  You will not be disappointed.

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