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What is the universe made of? What genetic changes made us uniquely human? Are we alone in the universe? What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? What should I wear under my waders?

These age-old questions, specifically the wader question, have haunted many a human. How many times have you stood over your suitcase, every dresser drawer open, and every item of outdoor clothing you own strewn across your bed? It embarrasses me to say that this happens almost every time I pack for a fishing trip. If your fishing trip includes waders, what to wear underneath said waders becomes another layer in the suitcase dilemma.

With so many options in the marketplace today, your only option may seem like running to Nordstrom’s to pick up the larger size Tumi. Let me just say, there are worse things than having a lot of options. Here is what I love to wear under my waders.

It’s no surprise that my favorite item under my waders is my FisheWear leggings. Especially if it’s a warm weather day, these colorful beauties fit well and make getting into and out of waders a breeze! Leave the shoehorn at home. You won’t need it with these on. As a side note, these make excellent flats pants for that spring trip to Belize. They’re breathable, quick-drying and have a UPF of 50+. Oh, and they take up absolutely no room in said Tumi.

The older I get, the less I like the cold — or maybe I should say the less the cold likes me. Growing up in the Midwest, I spent many a day living in Capilene. To me, there’s no more versatile cold weather baselayer. Comfy and cozy like my favorite sweater on a crisp morning, these are a must-have in my suitcase when I’m headed to the river on a cool spring day. I can easily layer them under my favorite fishing pants, and they now come in such great colors that they can make the transition from river to dinner without an issue. My only issue with these is that I tend to never want to take them off. There are worse things than climbing into bed in what you wore under your waders, right? As a side note, these make excellent “stuffers” in your suitcase to protect other items (like your fly reels if you pack them in your checked bag).

In cases of fishing in a deep freeze, keeping yourself warm under your waders is trickier than landing a steelhead on a dry fly. Back in the day of bulky layers, trying to fit everything under my waders was more of a workout than walking to the river. Today, there’s no need to be bulky and uncomfortable. My favorite layer is easily a soft micro suede fleece layer which fits just like the sweatpants you used to wear from bed to your early morning college class. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. As a side note, layering that capilene layer under these will give you the added warmth you may need.

Don’t forget your piggies!

I have Raynaud’s phenomenon. I swear it has something to do with frost biting my toes as a child ice skating on the lake in Wisconsin. Whatever the reason, when my feet get cold at all, I can’t feel my feet, which makes it difficult to wade a river. Fortunately, a good pair of socks helps. I’m a wool lunatic. Wool keeps my feet warm, even if I spring a leak in my waders or, more likely, fall in the river.


By Fishewear

MSRP - $110.00
photo courtesy of - Fishewear

The STUNNING design we introduced during our Kickstarter campaign, Troutrageous Rainbow, is now available for purchase!! The Troutrageous Rainbow is inspired by the Rainbow Trout, a favorite fish of ours! Manufactured in the USA with Italian fabric with four-way stretch, Polyester/Spandex blend, UPF 50+, Quick-Dry, and Breathable.

Women's Capilene Thermal Weight Bottoms

By Patagonia

MSRP - $89.00
photo courtesy of - Patagonia

Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric with Polygiene® permanent odor control with a smooth face for easy layering. The fabric’s open-grid pattern next to skin provides superior warmth, breathability and moisture-wicking performance Flat waistband has brushed inner elastic for next-to-skin softness.

Women’s PhD® Outdoor Light Crew Socks

By Smartwool

MSRP - $21.95
photo courtesy of - Smartwool

Experience durability at its peak with the PhD® Outdoor Light Crew. Featuring Indestructawool technology, a patent-pending wool-based durability construction, these socks are ready for any adventure on your list. Plus, with redesigned mesh zones, a Virtually Seamless toe and the 4 Degree elite fit system.

Women’s PhD® Hunt Heavy Over-The-Calf Socks

By Smartwool

MSRP - $29.95
photo courtesy of - Smartwool

Wear our PhD® Hunt Heavy Over-the-Calf once, and they’ll be your outdoor go-to again and again. Special flex zones offer extra mobility, and our 4 Degree elite fit system provides better stretch and quicker recovery while in motion. Odor resistance encourages multi-day wear.

Women's Under Wader Pant

By Orvis

MSRP - $79.00
photo courtesy of - Orvis

A soft, warm, and comfortable option for under your waders. Keeps the cold at bay while offering a soft moisture-wicking barrier between you and the waders. Microsuede fleece with comfortable elastic waistband and a drawcord for a perfect fit. Tapered leg keeps pants in place when putting on waders.


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