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No doubt while shopping at your local fly shop, you've seen a stack of these.

What is it? Do I need it?

A stripping guard is a basically a protective sleeve that goes over your stripping fingers to prevent them from getting cuts and burns while stripping and setting the hook.

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A stripping guard can really come in handy when you're fishing saltwater, large fish, textured or thin fly lines.  In addition, these can be helpful when your hands have seen a lot of time in the water and can also protect your hands when tightening knots.

Unfortunately, if you have small hands, these can become more of a nuisance than help as they don't fit well and can fall off at inopportune times.

Sometimes the materials and seams can irritate your hands causing more discomfort than a cut.

All that being said, if you've found a guard that works for you - keep it.  If you're among the multitudes of anglers still looking for the best solution or you've never used a guard, the age-old cloth Band-Aid or our personal favorite, athletic tape is inexpensive, easy to find in remote locations in case you forget yours and works.

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