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photo by Jennifer De Graafphoto by Jennifer De Graaf

"The sun had almost set over the water of the Restigouche River, six years ago, when I said “just one more cast”. That cast resulted in hooking and landing my first Atlantic salmon. I was six months pregnant at the time. My son will forever have fishing in his blood." - Alanda Banks-MacLeod

photo by - Jen Ripple

"Perfect evenings were spent sitting on a gorgeous covered porch just yards away from the river, drink in hand, new friends shared stories, as old friends felt the comfort of simple commonalities. This trip was perfect, and my new connection to this stunning water is priceless. The Restigouche has a hold on me, and I will be back." - Geri Meyer

photo by - Jen Ripple

"The allure of fishing for Atlantic salmon is a huge draw to New Brunswick, but my love for fly fishing here goes so much deeper than the thrill of the catch. It’s a chance to make lifelong personal connections with like-minded companions in some of nature’s most incredible natural settings. Blue skies, big trees, pristine pools, great conversation - it’s hard to go wrong with a week spent like this! And touching one? That’s just the icing on the cake." - Katie Kohler

photo by - Alanda Banks Macleod

A River That Can Keep A Secret

photo by - Alanda Banks Macleod

The Restigouche River, a Canadian Heritage River in the Appalachian Mountains of New Brunswick, is on many a salmon angler’s bucket list. For generations the elusive Atlantic salmon has been providing the story for many an angler. Thirty-pound fish are not an uncommon catch and some say the Restigouche is one of the top big-fish salmon rivers in North America. Not only are the fish big, but we have it on good authority that many a big business deal has happened in the canoes and lodges along the river. Royalty, prime ministers, and sports celebrities have fished this river that can keep a secret.

photo by - Jen Ripple

Eat, Fish, Repeat.  

With the rich history of any sport comes the ‘ritual’ that has developed over many decades. A day at a New Brunswick fishing lodge is a full one. An early morning with a hearty breakfast, and high expectations for the day. Stories of the morning catch over big lunches are followed by afternoons spent strategizing on the porch overlooking the river or catnapping, while the Atlantic salmon typically take a break from the humans. Jumping back in late afternoon until sundown, gives one last shot at the king of game fish until morning.

Things are Changing

photo by - Jennifer De Graaf

For centuries the Restigouche River was mainly open to only the privileged guests of the private water leases, and it was mostly men fishing for the elusive fish. Women were part of this exclusive club as the ‘unspoken’ guest. We do have stories about this, but we’ll save that for another issue. Things are changing. Recently a few private lodges have opened commercially to allow anyone a chance to hook the infamous Atlantic salmon. The number of women anglers known to throw a tight line over these waters is increasing, and why wouldn’t they? Women are great at breaking tradition. Not to mention, women also appreciate the beauty, wellness, and community of the sport as much as (or even more than) some men we’ve met on the water. So, c’mon ladies.

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