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So, you’ve procrastinated like the rest of us, and you still have to buy for the difficult fly angler on your list. But what if you don’t know the first thing about fly fishing? What if you don’t know what they already have? At this point, it’s too late in the game to head to the local fly shop. There’s little chance of Amazoning the gift to their door, so what do you do? Fear not, for I bring you tidings of great flies that will be for all anglers – and every budget.  A gift they will love.

The guys at True Fly Supply have it going on when it comes to the perfect subscription boxes for the angling peeps in your life. It doesn’t matter if they fish cold water for trout or warmwater for bass and toothy critters, these subscription boxes make the perfect gifts for any angler.

photo courtesy of - True Fly Supply

What we love about the boxes is how customizable they are.  Take the Trout Supply Drop Box, each box includes 24 flies, a mystery item, a leader, a sticker, and an educational card that tells you about the flies in the box. And all of that is just $29 bucks.

Is your angler a Euronympher and you don’t even know what that is? Fear not, there’s a box for that.  Don’t know the difference between warm water and saltwater? Again, fear not, there’s a box for both of those. There’s even a Fly Tying Supply Drop box for $34 bucks that includes enough material to make 16-24 flies with easy step by step instructions included.

So, what are you waiting for? You know you have to get that last-minute gift and the time to procrastinate is OVER, my friend.  Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. 1. Select a membership that fits the angler you’re thinking of.
  2. 2. Customize the box just for them.
  3. 3. Print out the receipt or send them the email receipt.

Then, it’s time to pour some egg nog and sit back knowing your shopping is finally done and you’ve purchased a gift they will love for months to come!

You can check out all things True Fly Supply here!

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