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This fly is probably the most popular bonefish fly ever created, and for good reason.  The pattern is simple to tie and easily adaptable for many fishing situations.  Varying the size, weight and color of this fly can represent anything from small shrimp to little baitfish, and be fished effectively on skinny or deep flats.


Hook: TMC 811S #2 - 8
Thread: Color to match wing 6/0
Weight: Bead chain or lead eyes
Tail: Mylar tubing
Body: Body braid
Wing: Craft fur
Flash: Krystal Flash

First - Attach the thread above the hook point and lay down a thread base. Return the thread to the tie in point.

Next - Cut a 2” piece of braided mylar tubing and remove the cotton core. Attach the tubing to the top of the hook shank with the material extending past the hook bend. Remember to leave at least two hook eyes of hook shank bare to attach the eyes and wing.

Next - Attach the eyes on top of the hook shank. Adding a drop of super glue will help hold them in place and make the fly much more durable.

Next - Take a 4” piece of flat braid and attach it to the top of the hook shank behind the eyes. Wrap the material in touching turns down the shank to the base of the tail and then wrap back to the eyes. Figure 8 wrap the braid around the eyes and tie the material off in front of the eyes on the underside of the hook shank.

Next - Clip a clump of craft fur from the patch. Prep the hair by grasping the tips of the hair with your thumb and index fingers and gently remove the “under fur” as you would with nautral hair.

Next - Flip the fly over and attach the wing to the underside of the hook shank with the tips extending to just beyond the length of the tail. Make sure the wing stays on the top of the hook shank and does not spin.

Next - Take two strands of Krystal Flash and fold them around the thread. Attach the flash to the top side of the wing. Trim the flash to the same length as the wing.

Last - Build a smooth head in front of the eyes and whip finish.

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