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photo by Nome Buckman

In my home, the safe holds no money, but it does hold many gazetteers.  Years of accumulated info on where and how to access water, what the better fishing areas are and what species are around, with secrets to each area are scribbled all over my maps.

Getting a state gazetteer is a great way to find new water in an old or new area.  When fishing an area, mine never leaves my truck.  These maps have helped me out of some very lost situations, and have also helped me find treasured fishing spots.

photo by - Nome Buckman

Write on your maps.

Many kind fishy folk will give you the skinny with references like map 5, D-3.  This is not a Star Wars insult.  They are generously giving gazette coordinates to help find the spot you're after on the local gazetteer.  Thanking all generous helpers with flies or spare leaders will go a long way to paying it forward to the fishing goddesses.

photo by - Nome Buckman

Google map and earth can be a great tool for finding boat launches and other access points. Plus, the give you a general lay of the land.

Pair these maps with online Google maps and a street atlas and you have some fine tools to help you pinpoint future water.

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