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Ho-Ho-Ho Happy Holidays! 

Now that the turkey has been consumed, you've done all the shopping you care to (or should) in person, it's time to finish up that shopping list.  Look no further! The ultimat fly fishing holiday gift guide has arrived! No doubt if you have a fly angler on your list you've thought about what the perfect gift would be to feed their obsession.  We've taken away the guesswork in this year's guide and have provided you with a lot of options regardless of your budget. These products are the favorites that we've worn, used, eaten, and absolutely love and know that your angler will also.  So without further ado, pour yourself a glass of cheer and get on with it.


photo by - Simms Fishing

Simms Challenger Jacket and Challenger Bibs - $199.95/each

Remember that redfish trip where the weather turned cold in an instant and it started to rain big, fat raindrops? Ah the memories! Now make better memories by staying comfortable even in cold and wet conditions. The Simms Challenger Jacket and Bibs are top of our list this year. All it took was one day just like we described above and we were donning these puppies, and they quickly became a must-have here at DUN.  Surprisingly light, yet warm, the bibs are waterproof while still maintaining comfort and mobility.  The side body zipper on the bibs makes getting in and out of them a breeze and the jacket fits so well that we wear it even when we're not on the water.  Shop all Simms women's products here.

photo courtesy of - Patagonia

Patagonia Women's Tough Puff Pants - $199.00

If your angler loves to stand in cold rivers and fish for steelhead, then she'll really appreciate these Tough Puff Pants from Patagonia. Designed to be worn under waders for insulation, they're also so cozy that she'll want to wear them all day long.  We love them because they have an angled leg and a wide, soft cuff that keeps them down when we're trying to shimmy into our waders.   Shop all new Patagonia Women's Wear here

photo by - Grundens

Grundens Women's Deck-Boss Ankle Boots - $70.00

Grundens is a name that's been known in the commercial fishing industry for a very long time and has been a staple in the DUN offices for some time now. These boots are waterproof and perfect for those times when you're fishing out of a driftboat and not wearing waders. They come in a myriad of colors and are super easy to slip on and off.  We also love them as a slip on boot after climbing out of your waders after a long day steelheading. See Grundens footwear here.

photo by - Kora Outdoor

Kora Shola 230 Zip - $160.00 - and Shola 230 Leggings - $145.00

Truth be told we love all things Kora here at DUN.  These Yak wool base layers are staples under everything we wear on the water and off.  When it comes to cold weather, these are wonderfully warm even in the coldest weather, and stay warm even when wet.  Naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, you can wear them multiple days in a row and still leave the stink behind (and word on the street is that a few of our editors even wear these crawling into bed at night - they're that toasty). See all things Kora here.

photo courtesy of - Fishewear

Fishe Weekender Bag - $105.00

Sure we aren't traveling as much as we would like, but Mom still needs a great tote, and this one made by Fishe in their famous Groovy Grayling pattern is a winner.  It's sturdy yet lightweight and holds everything Mom needs.  We love it because it makes a great bag as a catch-all in our car when heading to the river. Plus it's super versatile. You can carry it by the handles, or use the longer strap over your shoulder. If you're looking to make a splash with the Mom who has everything, this is a keeper.  Shop for FisheWear products here.

photo by - Skida

Skida Fishy Fish Nordic Hat - $32.00

How many times has Mom told you to wear your hat? After all, a hat is something you wear when your Mom is cold. Can I get an amen? Well, now you can pay Mom back with a hat she will love.  We love this topper because it's not only super folksy and cute, it's also hella warm with moisture-wicking properties so Mom can fish hard and still stay comfy and dry.  Shop Skida gear here

photo by - Wild Tribute

Wild Tribute Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout Tribute T-Shirt - $29.99

What Mom doesn't want to lounge around in a good old-fashioned Tee? This forest green tee has a beautiful rainbow trout adorning it, but what makes it one of our favorites is that the trout is comprised of our favorite fly fishing streams and towns!!  Super soft and from a company founded to honor our national parks and public lands, gift Mom this tee, and Wild Tribute will donate 4% of the proceeds to protect our historic and wild places!  Shop Wild Tribute gear here



photo by - Simms Fishing

Simms Women's and Men's ExStream Bicomp Fishing Hoody - $199.95

We live in this hoody! If there is one item that tops our Holiday Guide for anglers this is it. Simms knocked it out of the ballpark when they designed the ExStream Bicomp.  They combine a PrimaLoft puffy on top with a lower section that fits perfectly under waders. If you've ever worn a regular puffy under waders, then you know why this is so revolutionary.  Say goodbye to added bulkiness.  This hoody is such a perfect addition to any wardrobe that you'll want them in every color and you'll wear them even when you're not headed to the water.  Shop Simms new gear here.

photo by - Taiga Coolers

27 Quart Terra Cooler - Granite White - $199.00

Of course your list needs another cooler, and we love this one because Taiga is bridging the gap between a healthy environment and environmentally responsible products. Made from hemp-filled polypropylene, this cooler not only smells fantastic (who knew?!), it reduces the petroleum plastic footprint by incorporating bio-plastics right into the hard cooler product line.  They'll feel good about keeping their drinks cold on the boat, just don't forget to remind them to pour a little overboard to appease the fish gods. Shop Taiga coolers here.

photo courtesy of - Angler's Coffee

Angler's Coffee - $16.50
If there's a coffee drinking fly angler on your list then this is a gift they will enjoy to the very last drop.  Angler's Coffee Company is a team of veterans in the coffee industry who also happen to call the PNW home. When they aren't fly fishing, they're making great coffee.  With a tag line of fueling your next cast, now there's a great reason to get out of bed even if you're not heading to a day on the water.  You can get 20% off your order using the coupon DUN20 at checkout. Check out all their products here.


photo courtesy of - Fetching Fields Canine Treats

Fetching Fields Canine Treats - $16.58

Many of us head to the water with our furry friend in tow.  We pack our granola, our water bottle, our fishing gear, our favorite fishing companion, and we head out. What's been missing is that nutritious bite-sized and individually packaged treat for our furry friend.  Look no further. From one picky pet owner to another, your dog will love these. Real plant-based, nutrient dense wellness that is easy to pack in your backpack right alongside your granola bar. Our DUN dog Rin is a super picky eater and since she loves them, we know your pup will also!  Choose your flavor of Fetching Fields here.


After all the shopping you've done for everyone else, it's time to get a little something for yourself.  Here's what we're keeping for ourselves this holiday!

photo courtesy of - Branwyn Performance Innerwear

Branwyn Essential Bralette $38.00 - and Essential Thong - $28.00

It might seem strange to some to wear Merino wool as "innerwear," but this is not your grandmother's itchy sweater. Super moisture-wicking and well-made using sustainably sourced 100% renewable materials, wearing these essentials really is like wearing nothing at all.  Go ahead, start off with one set and you'll quickly be replacing your undies from those other stores in no time.  Check out their site here.

photo courtesy of - Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn

Poppy Hand-crafted Reindeer Crunch Popcorn - $11.50

We've eaten so much Poppy popcorn in our office of late that it seems like we can't live without it. The Reindeer Crunch is one of our favorites (although they are all delish!).  Salted Caramel popcorn with caramelized walnuts, pecans and cashews and topped with French Broad Chocolate - if you ask us, that's just what the holiday doctor ordered! Check out all their flavors here.



We would be remiss if we didn't include this last product that everyone, regardless of time of year, should have right now. It's been a difficult year and if 2020 has taught us anything it's taught us the importance of being prepared.  Here is the single product we believe everyone should have and hope no one will ever need.

photo by - Uncharted Supply Co

Uncharted Supply Co. The Seventy2 Survival System - $252.85

95% of all survival situation are resolved within 72 hours, but the first 72 hours are many times the difference between life and death. This survival system is what you'll need to survive that 72 hours when you need it the most. Clearly marked and organized storage of over 30 tools you'll need to survive all in one compact backpack.  The system includes things like a blanket, goggles, a shovel, first aid kit, a multi-tool, gloves, hat, heat packs, a knife, food and water.  We love this pack because it's clearly labeled for those times when you're panicking and not thinking clearly. Big bold letters and clearly marked instructions make this a must.  Like we said, this is the one item you should have and we hope you never need. See all systems here.

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