DUN Fly Tying - Learn to tie some of the patterns we love.

Hook: Favorite Streamer Hook
Thread: 210 Flat Waxed
Tail: Strung Hackle, Flash
Body: Bucktail
Wing: Flash, Peacock Hurl
Throat: Red Krystal Flash

What can we say about the Deceiver that hasn’t already been said, other than this fly STILL WORKS!  We are taking a group of DUN Women to Tabasco, Mexico this week and you can bet our boxes have a special spot for Deceivers of all different colors.

This fly was conceived for the salt but is at home in the Great Lakes, Bass ponds, Smallmouth rivers and even trout streams.  Tie one of these classic flies today and go fish it!

You can paint on eyes or apply epoxy eyes to this fly.  Sometimes we do, but often we don’t. Remember to keep the bucktail a little sparse.

Share with us you version of the DUN Deceiver and you could win some DUN Shwag! Use the Hashtag #DUNTies

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