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This summer we have been chasing Pike around the Midwest.  The savage takes and massive head shakes make pike one of our favorite fish to target all summer long.

Editor at Large Megan, may not like pink as a color, but when it comes to pike flies pink with a little black is it.  Fish this fly with an intermediate line using hard strips to make this fly dart and dive. When the strike comes hang on and strip set hard!

Hook: 2/0 - 5/0 Stinger Hook
Thread: 210 Flat Waxed
Body: Bucktail, Hackle, Flash
Head: Spinning Deer Hair

Start the reversed tied bucktail near the point of the hook.  Add as many rounds of the body as needed.  Fill the shank to within a 1/2 inch from the eye.  Spin small clumps of deer hair and pack them loosely to create the head and fill the rest of the shank.  Whip finish and you’re DUN!

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