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photo by Abbie Schuster photo by Cole Denormanie

Those who have fished for striper know how addictive this species can be. This 90 square mile island off the coast of Massachusetts is known to be one of the best places to catch striped bass in the country. Martha's Vineyard combines great fishing with amazing food, shopping, and night life. What more do you need?

Hire:  Abbie Schuster with Kismet Outfitters

Stay:  Edgartown Inn

Eat:  Lobster Rolls at Larsen's Fish Market

Drink:  Cappuccino at Rosewater

Vintage Town Beanie

by Patagonia

msrp - $45.00
Post::payload a49908 photo courtesy of - Patagonia

Knot Tension Tool

by Hatch

msrp - $40.00
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Salmon Sisters 15 Legacy


msrp - $135.00
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Kick it into High Gear
Available in a number of fun patterns designed by two young fishermen, these kicks have become a cult staple. There is no better looking way to keep your feet dry.

Newport Pant

by Helly Hansen

msrp - $200.00
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The New Hot Pants
These pants, which include a drop seat and are wind and waterproof, will make an offshore trip for stripers much more comfortable.


by Scott Fly Rods

msrp - $865.00
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This rod is light in the hand and makes throwing tight loops that cut through the salt wind a breeze


by Nautilus

msrp - $545.00
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This machined reel is desinged to be bounced around in the boat and with a drag that is strong enough not to stop a charging fish, but delicate enough to handle light tippet.

InTouch Striper

by RIO Products

msrp - $99.00
Post::payload 548bf4 photo courtesy of - Rio Products

The InTouch core removes most of the strech from the line allowing you to feel a strike and drive a hook home even.


by Mammut

msrp - $199.00
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Shield Yourself
Nothing ruins a perfect day like freezing your patootie off.  Down and water usually don’t mix. This jacket adds a layer of wind and water protection making sure you stay warm even with salt spray in the air.

Premio 5.5" TI Pliers

by Danco

msrp - $99.99
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