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Once in a while you come across someone in your life that really makes an impact on you.  The author of Rookie No More, Pudge Kleinhauf, is one of those people.  A retired university professor and attorney, Pudge has owned and operated her guide service “Women’s Flyfishing®” in Alaska for 30 years.  She has introduced many women, couples and young people to fly fishing, has been my personal hero from afar, and has been a supporter of our magazine since its inception.

As a fan of her earlier books, I eagerly picked up her newest.  This book needs to be in your collection.  It is the perfect read for the fly angler who is just beginning or the one who has fished for years … not to mention it makes an excellent gift.

This complete and concise book covers topics such as casting, choosing the right fly, landing and releasing a fish when fishing alone, nymphing techniques, practicing catch and release correctly, safety tips, hiring a guide and much, much more.  We give this book 4 out of 4 stars!

Written in a question and answer format, Pudge answers the questions we are sometimes afraid to ask in a way that is easy to understand. Thank you, Pudge, for getting this into the hands of fly fishers everywhere!  It’s a great read!

Roockie No More

by Pudge Kleinhauf

Dun post::payload f9dbf8 photo courtesy of - Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf

Rookie No More is a lifesaver for novice fly fishers who are struggling with unanswered questions about various aspects of the sport that they have undertaken. Compiled from hundreds of questions that guide and instructor Pudge Kleinkauf has responded to throughout her career, this book presents many of those same questions right here in black and white. As you strive to master new and complex situations you'll be able to turn to this book for help.

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