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We’re beyond excited for our incredible June Roadtrip Adventure!! We’ll be hosting 4 ladies' nights along our journey! We’d love to connect with as many anglers as we can as we drive through a city near you!

Invite your friends and join us virtually or in person!


Ladies Night - Nashville, TN

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When - 06/15/2018

Where - Fly South
115 19th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Home of Country Music and Hot Chicken, Nashville is more than just the Honky Tonks on lower Broadway. It's the home to small and large mouth bass, trout, and some not so well known species that are worth your time.

In the heart of Nashville is Jen's local fly shop, Fly South. This shop boasts a large selection of fly gear for women, its own fly tying room, and a screening room to watch that latest fishing films. In addition, Fly South is located directly across the street from Hattie B's, one of Nashville's favorite hot chicken resturants.

Ladies Night - Viroqua, WI

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When - 06/19/2018

Where - Driftless Angler
106 S Main St, Viroqua, WI 54665

Everyone knows the last ice age flattened the midwest and created all that farmland and the Great Lakes. What you, may not know is the glaciers missed one area. Today, we call that area The Driftless.

The Driftless area (DA) of Wisconsin is home to more public trout water than you can fish in a lifetime. These small meandering streams offer excellent, and sometimes challenging, fishing opportunities. Located in the heart of the DA is a cool town called Viroqua. In addition, this is the home of Athena & Artemis and the Driftless Angler. You know you have heard the buzz and read some of the articles about it. Now is your time to come see the area for yourself and join us.

Ladies Night - Ft. Collins, CO

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When - 06/21/2018

Where - St Peter's Fly Shop South
2008 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins, CO 80528

Founded as a miltary fort in 1864 and referred to as "Camp Collins," Fort Collins is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, right up against the front range, and provides access to wilderness adventures of all types in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forests.

Home of Colorado State University, this fun college town is a great starting point for any western adventure and the staff at the locations of St. Peter's Fly Shop are the ones to point you in the right direction.  

Ladies Night - Ennis, MT

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When - 06/26/2018

Where - Willie's Distillery
312 E Main St, Ennis, Montana 59729

Just a bit off the beaten path to Yellowstone National Park, Ennis, Montana is a tiny town in the heart of some of the best fly fishing water in the world. It might not be as easy to get to as Missoula or Bozeman, but its well worth the hairpin turn drive.

There isn't much in this town, but in the spirit of the American West is a small batch distillery which has made its mark.  Willie's Distillery is located on the banks of the Madison River. They use fresh mountain water straight from the source to produce "world class spirits for world class indviduals."

You need to join us not only to taste the spirits, but also try to land a trophy trout.

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Ladies Night - Craig, MT

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When - 06/29/2018

Where - Craig, MT
Craig, MT 59648

This will be the end of our roadtrip journey. Let's go out with a bang!! Celebrate the last 17 days on the road with us.

Craig, Montana has a population of 43. Let's try to triple it!!! Everyone is welcome.

This party coincides with United Women on the Fly's  2nd Annual Fly Fishing Weekend. On Saturday Night we're inviting anyone in the area to join us in the town of Craig, Montana for an evening of socializing over your beverage of choice after a day of fishing the famous Missouri River.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters.

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