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photo courtesy of DUN Magazine

Must haves for Summer fun.

Somewear Global Hotspot

By Somewear Labs

MSRP - $450.00
photo courtesy of - Somewear Labs

We see a lot of new products come across our desks every week.  This hotspot will redefine safety while fishing. How many places do you fish where your phone just doesn’t work?

Bump It Off

By Goddess Of Gadgets

MSRP - $9.99
photo courtesy of - Goddess Of Gadgets

We have found this nifty little gadget handy in the boat for cleaning the scum off the hull before putting the boat away for the day.  Best part, we can leave it in the boat without worry of mold or other nasty things attaching to it.

ComfyFit® Baby Carrier

By Boppy

MSRP - $70.00
photo courtesy of - Boppy

We have lots of babies around the office these days and our staff has tried many versions of this carrier.  According to them, this brand is by far the most comfortable and breathable carrier they have tried.


By Milkadamia

MSRP - $9.99
photo courtesy of - Milkadamia

We love this dairy-free alternative, made of raw macadamia nuts, on granola, in smoothies, or just straight. The nuts are grown on a family farm in Australia that plants thousands of trees each year helping to reforest areas previously cleared for dairy farming. How cool is that?

Core Power

By Fairlife

MSRP - $36.99 per case
photo courtesy of - Fairlife

We are always on the run. Something that is filling, tasty, and easy to transport is a win for us.

Silo 6G

By Yeti

MSRP - $299.99
photo courtesy of - Yeti

Water after a time in the hot sun. The new Silo 6G is the hottest water cooler around. Gossip not included.

SolarHome 620

By Biolite

MSRP - $149.95
photo courtesy of - Biolite

Call us scaredy cats, but we don’t like the dark. This kit is a must have for anyone planning on camping this summer or dipping your toes in off the grid living.

6' Cabana

By Treepod

MSRP - $299.99
photo courtesy of - Treepod

Hammocks are so last year. This year it’s all about the Treepod Cabana. This ‘hanging treehouse’ is made specifically for adults and comes in a vast array of colors.  It’s perfect for hanging in your backyard or at your favorite campsite.