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Ice Cubes

1 oz Gin

2 oz  Sweet Vermouth

.5 oz       Luxardo Liqueur

2 drops Orange Bitters

2 drops Old Fashion Bitters

To build:
Chill your favorite martini glass. Combine all of the ingredients into your shaker, add fresh ice cubes and shake.  Double strain the cocktail into your chilled martini glass and enjoy.

The Martinez is one of our favorite cocktails.  This drink is thought to be the precursor to the modern martini.  In yesteryear, consumers liked a little more sweetness in their cocktails.  The drink was originally made with Old Tom gin.  This Gin became popular in the Americas in the late 1880s and was even sweeter than standard London Dry Gin.  We like to shake in our favorite Dry Gin today, but give the Tom Gin a try if you tend to enjoy vodka martinis or no martinis at all.

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