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photo by Nome Buckman

I love it when I can steal an idea from another passion to use in fly fishing. I'm a tinkerer.  I like to fix things and learn how they work. While helping someone take apart a rider mower carburetor, I discovered the joys of a magnetic parts holder available at most auto parts store. This is no ordinary magnetic dish. It holds up to 4lbs and has a nice rubber base to keep it still and, as it states on the box, can work upside-down. I might not be tying in space anytime soon, but this would be the tool I'd bring if I thought I was going to. You can get the 4" or the deluxe 6" bowls. Stainless steel construction makes it easy to keep clean and keeps good contact with hooks and beads. It will also hold any rattles made of glass or plastic. I've now gotten lazy and toss my tying tools in it, as my to go tool for tying streamer. The magnet keeps all my tools in one place.

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