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When I first laid eyes on RIO’s DirectCore Flats Pro fly lines the first thing I noticed was how beautiful they were. The color is what sets this line apart to begin with. But, what good is color if it doesn’t work? Then, I tried the Flats Pro and it has been my hands-down favorite saltwater line since. It is, in fact, the line I use when I’m fishing for saltwater species and (shhhhh) for big bass here in the dead heat of summer. These lines became so popular with anglers that  RIO has expanded this series to include a new 15ft clear intermediate tip version, as well as a full intermediate line.

According to RIO, “The new Intermediate Tip Flats Pro line is a full floating line with a 15ft long, clear intermediate tip that is perfect for getting the fly down in deeper flats – between 3ft and 6ft in depth. It is also a great choice of line to use in tidal currents such as those that run between mangrove clumps, channels, and on the edge of drop-offs. The clear tip greatly improves stealthy presentations and allows anglers to fish shorter, easier-casting, more controllable leaders.

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The new Intermediate Flats Pro line is a full sinking intermediate line that sinks about 1.5 inches per second. It is designed for tropical saltwater fly fishing in deeper waters – off drop-offs, in bays, fishing to bait balls, and around rocky structures and points. The line is particularly good as a “searching” line in the open ocean, or when there are waves or swell to contend with, as the line sinks below all the surface movement, allowing anglers to stay in touch with their fly during the entire retrieve. This line features a 20ft front section that is completely clear, and ideal for sharp-eyed, wary predators.”  This one, in particular, I’m excited to try on my home waters of Kentucky Lake this summer, as well as out in the salt, when we finally get the chance to travel again.

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Both of these lines have a mid-length head and a long rear taper so you can expect smooth loops and quick pick up and make that second shot casts.  They are built with a weight distribution that provides an easy presentation of just about any saltwater fly.

RIO’s DirectCore lines are low-stretch and low-memory making them extremely easy to straighten and ensuring your line will not retract into coils on the water.  Another aspect I love about the DirectCore is that in the dead of summer and hot conditions, it still retains the stiffness so I don’t have to worry about my cast collapsing when I need it most (at least not because of the line).

photo courtesy of - RIO Products

The new 15ft intermediate tip Flats Pro comes in line weights 7 through 12, and the full intermediate Flats Pro is available in WF8 to WF12 sizes.  You can find these new lines at your nearest RIO dealer, or online, for $119.99.

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