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photo by Nome Buckman

This trick only works for any product that uses Gore-Tex as the waterproofing membrane. Have a mysterious sometimes occurring leak in your waders?  Try this.

Reverse your clean and dry waders.  They must be completely dry.

photo by - Nome Buckman

Don't forget to turn your waders inside out and make sure they are completely dry.

Spray your waders with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and wait a few seconds for dark spots to appear.

photo by - Nome Buckman

At this point, you can do one of two things.  Treat the holes immediately (still wet with alcohol) with Aquaseal by dabbing it on in a circular motion with your fingers, pushing the Aquaseal into the hole to fill it.  When using Aquaseal you need to let it cure for at least 12 hours before reversing your waders or using them.

photo by - Nome Buckman

Repairing the waders with a UV glue.

Or, you can circle the spots with a sharpie and let them dry completely and treat with UV glue for an immediate fix.  Done this way, the waders can be used right after the curing light hardens the glue.  You can repair significant holes this way, but anything more serious like a tear needs proper addressing.

I find the alcohol does a good job of freshening up the waders and I hear far fewer complaints when road tripping with friends if I check for pinholes a few times a year.   

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