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photo by Erica Barker

DUN:  Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever guided?
L-A:  Meryl Streep. The most amazing mimic I have ever known! And a cool gal. 

DUN:  How long have you been a guide?
L-A:  Since 1990. So I guess 27 years! OMG. 

DUN:  Why did you start guiding?
L-A:  Free gear! Orvis Guide Rendezvous 1989, Chico Hot Springs, Livingston, Montana, 16 guys and me. We had an amazing time and then went on to guide on our home waters. The lifestyle works for me. I like being a sportswoman! 

DUN:  What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while guiding?
L-A:  Just the other day I ran into a flat in front of all the morning guide traffic in San Pedro ... then there was the time I pushed my drift boat into the river without it being connected to the bowline ... and it wasn’t fun when I saw my boat and trailer headed downhill in my lane not connected to my truck - yep, let her ram the tailgate to save lives. 

DUN:  Where do you guide?
L-A:  San Pedro, Belize. 

photo by - Deb Carr Brox

Jen Ripple releases a Trigger fish during a recent trip to Belize fishing with LA

DUN:  When you travel to fish, do you hire a guide?
L-A:  Yes. I have learned from the very best guides. I have PTSD from little things like closing the lid too loud on the cooler or a cranial shot to a tarpon’s head. But, that is how I learned and continue to learn the waters I want to fish. 

DUN:  Who has been your biggest inspiration?
L-A:  Rick Ruoff. I learned a bit about how he looks at water - and where to find the fish. 

DUN:  If you could give a piece of advice to an aspiring guide, what would it be?
L-A:  ”Hero to Zero.” This is the life of a fishing guide. Don’t get stuck on either. Have fun and be safe!  Some of my most memorable days have been when we were skunked. 

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