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photo by Nome Buckman

I feel I have some explaining to do when checking out with three dozen hair clips at a time when the longest hair on my head is under an inch long.  I pipe up and explain it’s for fly tying in an attempt to relieve the perplexed and judgmental look I get.  You would think I just told the checkout clerk I’m going to commit murder with these hair clips as the perplexed face turns to shock.  It definitely makes for good entertainment.

When on the road tying at shows or venues, I get numerous comments on the smart way to use small hair claw clips to help with fly tying.  One in particular seems to be ideal for what I typically tie, but a variety of sizes are handy when switching from large to small species flies.

photo by - Nome Buckman

Not found in your local fly shop, look for these clips at the dollar store or your local pharmacy.

Good old Goody (as a kid I used so many Goody hair products) makes the best imho.  The slide proof small half claws are ideal for my tying needs.  They usually come 6 to a pack.  Easy to use, they fit ever so nicely on the stem of my vise for storage when not in use.  When tying dozens at a time I will have several flies in different stages of progress.   The clips are extremely handy when adding new material in front of already fluffy material.  Using a clip to protect the existing and make room for the new addition does make a fly tier's life much easier.  Typically, I use these handy tools for streamers or any time I need to tame materials.  They come in handy particularly for tandem or articulated flies.  I originally experimented with these clips to aid the finishing process of the heads of flies by managing the materials.  It speeds up the process time and makes it much easier to apply eyes and UV glue.    

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