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Rocky River Trucker Hat

by Orvis

msrp - $25.00
Dun post::payload 272804 photo courtesy of - Orvis
Finding the perfect hat is tough. This one works for us.

Long-Sleeved Sol Patrol® Shirt

by Patagonia

msrp - $89.00
Dun post::payload 073925 photo courtesy of - Patagonia
The perfect quick-drying and breathable fitted fishing shirt.

Abstract Char Leggings

by Fishewear

msrp - $110.00
Dun post::payload d3266c photo courtesy of - Fishewear
These leggings can be worn under your waders or stand alone. They are quick-drying, breathable with upf +50.

Waterproof Hip Pack

by Orvis

msrp - $219.00
Dun post::payload 4734a9 photo courtesy of - Orvis
Most bags are too bulky and hold surprisingly little. This bag has a lot of room and sits comfortably at the waist.

Rain Boots

by Joules

msrp - $219.00
Dun post::payload 873ef4 photo courtesy of - Dun Magazine
The attention to detail and simple extras make these boots go from boring to a must.
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