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photo by Nome Buckman

 It’s unassumingly liberating to finally have a pee aid that allows women to pee standing up flawlessly.  This product describes itself as a 'female urinary director,’ and it does just that.  I’ve tried several different brands and have concluded that Freshette is the best all-around product of this type.  

There are numerous designs on the market with many racking up only mediocre reviews.  The Freshette takes high honors with an intelligent combination of soft and stiff materials in the correct places for ease of use, quick cleanup, easy storage, comfort and most importantly, confidence it will work! Consisting of only three pieces; the trough, a clear one-half inch tubing and a single white gasket. Read the directions carefully, I found a lot of misinformation online. 

Install the tubing through the trough with the white gasket snugly fitted inside the spout of the trough (once the extension tube is pulled out all the way).  It’s actually a simple, bullet-proof tool once you learn how to use it.  Be sure to rinse it right away after use.

The rigid narrow trough has a lip in the back, and when cupped tightly against your bits and thighs, creates a consistent seal.  If you wear clothing with a bit of comfort room, you don’t even have to unbutton your pants to pee.  Once I got over the fear of leaking and realized I can’t pee too fast for this device, (if used correctly) I was free to open the floodgates!  I do recommend practicing, as it takes a few times to get the feel of how it needs to fit as everyone is uniquely shaped.  Don’t forget to lower the toilet seat!  

photo by - Nome Buckman

The Freshette system

Once mind over matter set in, I began to test my new found freedom by peeing over the porch railing, off a cliff and every chance I got when outside.  I even spelled my name in the snow!  I feel I’ve taken my relationship with the out of doors to a whole new level now.  You can bet this handy tool will be with me on all future fishing trips.  I do advise you keep your back to the wind!

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