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The unveiling of the Nissan Titan Surfcamp is a memory I won't forget any time soon. This event in Vero Beach, FL was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet people whose paths I would've never crossed otherwise. - Jen Ripple


Teresa Westberry
A 25th wedding anniversary gift turns into much more

photo by - Teresa Westberry

My husband Stuart and I were fly fishing for rainbow trout in Hazel Creek in Proctor, NC. Proctor was abandoned when Fontana Dam was built, and the surrounding area was flooded to create Fontana Lake.  It's full of great history and fishing.  The historical Calhoun House, which is still there though falling into disrepair is a must see.  The area is remote and beautiful, with no cell service. The only way in and out is by boat.


Paula Krugerud
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing at the Freedom Ranch for Heroes

photo by - Paula Krugerud

Veterans from all over the U.S. and walks of life come to fly fish in this small, quiet, slow-paced, spot-in-the-road, Montana. They come for fishing, they go home with incredible stories and memories. Being a part of this group as the photographer rocked my world in four short days. There are no words to express the emotions that well up when I see these shots of that day. Following them down to the river was quite the experience to say the least. It was an honor for me, and something I’ll never forget. There are too many stories within just this one day.


Helaine Holbrook
Catching one on your own fly is magical

photo by - Peter Breeden

My favorite memory is fly fishing in southeastern Oklahoma. Yes, Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma. There is something about the awesome feeling of catching your first rainbow trout on a fly you made on your own.


Sara Westfall
The first fish on a special rod

photo by - Sara Westfall

I was part of an all women's fishing clinic. Women of all skill levels were present. One woman, new to the sport, had a very special rod handmade by her late husband. We were with the guide (also a woman) who showed her the perfect location and presentation. She hooked into her first fish with that rod and the smile she had was like no other. Tears in our group starting flowing just like the creek. I’ll never forget it. Fly fishing has taught me so much about life and the connection with others.


Kara Jordan
Falling head over heels for a cutbow

photo courtesy of - Teton Scenic Floats & Fly Fishing

Catching this monster cutbow on the Green River in Wyoming is my favorite memory. Once I hooked it, it made a run directly under the drift boat. In an effort to keep tension on the line, I lost my balance backward and fell, landing with my head and shoulders out of the boat. My guide grabbed me and between both of our adrenaline rushes, I got back up, and much to our surprise, the fish was still on my line. I landed it, took pictures, and then had a good laugh, and a celebratory cold one.

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