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photo courtesy of Arabian Sport Fly Fishing

For inshore, you can’t go far wrong with a variety of Clousers, some brushes and NYAPS (not your average poppers - designed by James Christmas). These work for all of our Trevally species, the Bluefish, Large Spot Pompano, Omani Bream and Queenfish.

We are also lucky enough to have two species of permit here, the Trachinotus Africanus and the Trachinotus Blochii (Indo Pacific).  For both of these, we use crab and shrimp patterns.  I make sure to keep a selection of varying weights and colour combinations of these in my fly box.

photo courtesy of - Arabian Sport Fly Fishing

We occasionally find large schools of Milkfish, so a few of Wayne Hasleau’s milky dream flies are a must as well. I finish off with a selection of pink and also green Cam Sigler flies for trolling, which are ideal for all of our billfish (Sailfish, Striped Marlin and Black Marlin), as well as Dorado.

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