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photo by Bula On The Fly

Hi.  My name is Isabella, but everyone calls me Bula. I’m seven years old and completely in love with fly fishing!

photo by - Bula On The Fly

I started with short walks with my mommy and daddy looking at the water.  I love water and swimming. The best part about it was seeing all the really cool stuff in nature, deer, turkeys, beautiful trees, flowers and Brook Trout on our many trail walks.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw my daddy casting and placing a caddis dry fly on the water, at the right spot and saying to me , “Watch what happens to that fly” and… BAM!  That was the first time I laid eyes on the most beautiful fish I had ever seen.  That Brook Trout wasn’t the only one that got hooked that day!

photo by - Bula On The Fly

I started to want to go every day, after school or when daddy came home from work, so we would go with mommy. They make sure that we go as much as possible.  We fish on a Class 1 trophy Trout stream about 10 minutes from home. I’ve learned to cast, where to place a fly, identify the flies to catch these beautiful little fish and how to properly handle and release the fish healthy and safely back in their home water. I always remember to say “Bye and Thank you.”

I also started the art of fly tying because of SANTA. I really think it is one of the best sport activities that you can do.  One of the coolest parts of this sport is that I get to spend almost all of my time with my family.  We fly fish as a family and consider it a lifestyle in our house.

photo by - Bula On The Fly

I currently fish with a six foot one weight rod because our streams are small and tight for casting.  I hope you enjoy my story and my pictures as much as I enjoy this beautiful sport of Fly Fishing.

photo by - Bula On The Fly

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