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photo by Austin Lowderphoto by Austin Lowder

Growing up with a lot of adventurous people in my life has made me realize how much we can explore in our world. If I didn’t have an adventurous family, I wouldn’t have as many opportunities like surfing, fly fishing, jumping off cliffs, riding rapids, and many other adventures. One thing that has opened up so much of my life is living in Florida. If I didn’t live in Florida, I wouldn’t be able to sit and listen to the sound of waves hitting the shoreline waiting for a great wave to surf. 

photo by - Austin Lowder

The author with her family

I love to fly fish, too. While fly fishing in Florida is an entirely different VICTORY than surfing, both of these adventures always get my heart racing. The shining sun on my face while casting for the biggest snook you can find in the backcountry is an opportunity that I'm thankful to have. However, fishing in Florida is not anything like fishing in Montana. Montana is a summer dream for me. If you think you’ve done every adventure in the world, then you haven’t been to Montana! My family goes every summer, and the anticipation of going out there every year starts months before we go. There are so many things to explore and see you could get lost! 

photo by - Austin Lowder

Rosey's grandma, Maurrie Sussman, is Sister #1 with Sisters on the Fly, an outdoor adventure group for women known for their distinctive trailers.

One person that I look up to is my grandma. She is terrific – she's inspiring a group of 10,000 women to be more adventurous and live life to the fullest. And she's inspiring me to do the same. I know what fly fishing is because of my Grandma and my Dad. One thing I'll never forget is floating down the Missouri River in a drift boat on summer days staring at the clear as glass water and trying to catch a glimpse of the snowy mountains that are ahead. 

photo by - Austin Lowder

That may seem like the best part, but fly fishing with my dad for hours and trying to catch the biggest trout you can find is a beautiful experience. Just spending time with my dad doing something we both love is a memory that I've been lucky to have for many summers.

photo by - Austin Lowder

My dad is a true fly fisherman at heart. He’s always anchoring the boat and scoping out where the best spot is to fish. Whenever he sees a fish, he calls me over. I cast for the fish -- sometimes I get the beautiful fish and sometimes I don’t. Even if I don’t catch the fish, it is very cool to see them maneuver down the river. If it weren’t for all these experiences my family has opened up to me, I wouldn’t be the person I am. I also wouldn’t truly understand what the definition of PASSIONATE means if I hadn't been given the opportunity to have adventures I genuinely love like surfing and fly fishing. I am grateful for my dad and my grandma, who inspire me.

One thing that I’ve learned from these experiences is to enjoy life. 

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