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Urban Fishing

Long gone are the thoughts that fly fishing is only for trout in remote mountain streams. Today's anglers are taking to the waters where they live. For those of us who find ourselves practicing urban fishing in the concrete jungle, here are a few of the selections we love to help you get out there after a harried day at the office or for that staycation fishing trip

Leaf Plus

By Nissan USA

Starting at - $29,000.00
photo courtesy of - Nissan USA

In urban settings, getting to the water is half the battle. Fighting traffic during rush hour, and squeezing into a parallel parking spot in 2.3 seconds, all while being beeped at for just existing, makes that time on the water not only welcome, but necessary . I love the Pro-Pilot Assist features of the Leaf that can step in and take action if I need it, and the e-pedal function which makes the Leaf not only a breeze to drive, but fun. Oh, and no tail pipe means when I bend down to slip on my boots I don't get a big face full of exhaust. The Cargo Organizer makes it easy to carry my gear with me for a quick fishing stop before heading home after work. On top of all of this, in a city where parking spaces can go for the price of a small town, the starting price of $30k makes a good case for being able to purchase that new fly rod without the buyer’s remorse that sometimes follows.

Hyland Shirt

By Filson

MSRP - $98.00
photo courtesy of - Filson

This lightweight shirt is perfect for those days when the evening temps dip, but the days are warm. Perfect to throw on over a tank or wrap around your waist just to have “in case.”

Meme Pant

By Prana

MSRP - $85.00
photo courtesy of - Prana

We love these because of their cross-functional nature and the water-repellent fabric. Wear these from the dress-down day at the office right to the river bank.

Alamogordo Socks

By Wigwam

MSRP - $16.50
photo courtesy of - Wigwam

As a Midwesterner at heart, I’ve been wearing Wigwam socks for as long as I can remember. I love them because they just fit and they keep my feet warm and dry no matter what the situation.

Salmon Sisters 6 in Ankle Deck Boot

By xtratuf

MSRP - $100.00
photo courtesy of - Xtratuf

These perky boots are not only fun, they’re tough ... just like their name suggests.  Easy to slip on and slip off makes them perfect for the quick after work fishing stop.


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