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What is DUN

DUN Magazine is much more than a women’s fly fishing magazine.  While all our articles are written by women, our mantra “empowering women not ignoring men” is the touchstone of our existence.  Our goal is to empower all readers through education.  So many people think that fly fishing is too hard to learn and for that reason they never even try.  DUN exists to dispel that notion.  We pride ourselves in finding articles from the everyday angler who is just getting into the sport to the professional guide in Alaska.

Inside DUN you will find articles focusing on education, conservation, international destinations and sheer pure fun.  Our Take Away sections help to educate our readers from the basics to the complex.  Our feature articles will take you everywhere from Japan to Iceland to the Seychelles and back, fishing waters for elusive trout, Giant Trevally, world records and more.  Our Page V Guide page informs you about guides who have been tried and tested by our staff and our readers and have received the DUN stamp of approval guiding women, because as you know, not all guides are created equal.


DUN is more than a magazine, it’s a community; a network of amazing anglers in beautiful places, supporting each other and enjoying the sport we love.

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DUN magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared toward the female fly angler. Empowering women, while not ignoring men, DUN magazine focuses on education, conservation, everyday anglers and sheer, pure fun.