A few years back, when I first ventured into the world of fly fishing, I remember my friend sending me an advertisement for something called a "Tenkara" rod accompanied by a message that we should check these rods out for our backcountry adventures. I also recall my immediate rejection of the idea of tackling a new style of fishing. My immersion into fly fishing was still very fresh and shedding the comfort of my reel not only seemed unappealing, it was out of the question. Easily brushing off the idea of experimenting with a new type of rod., I sank deeper into the world of fly fishing I had first fallen in love with. I fished every chance presented to me, read blogs, stalked fly shops, mimicked anglers around me and talked fish to anyone who would listen.

As I fulfilled my question to learn all I could about angling, something became very clear to me. This Tenkara my friend had mentioned wasn't going away.

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Photo by Brandon Miller