Permission Slip

by Janell Fannin

Mozart was composing music at the age of 3. By 3, Tiger Woods shot a 48 over 9 holes. At age 3, I was trying to cut my own hair all the way at the scalp with craft scissors and ate a spoonful of dirt because the neighbor kid told me to.

It was evident that I was lacking the composition of a "future child sensation."

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To this day, none of my underlying or undiscovered marvelous skills or talents have surfaced. Two weeks shy of my 40th birthday I have embraced the notion that it's not just that I'm simply a late bloomer. I have recognized my achievements in life will not change the course of history. I am a good person, a great friend. I have integrity. I am generous. I possess a lot of great qualities (says my mother) ... but a remarkable skill set? Sadly, no.

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Photo by janell fannin

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