There’s something about fly-fishing trips in remote places; the whole journey there, when you realize that 99% of everyone else on the plane is from that country and are either going home or to work. Being surrounded by Norwegian people, I had absolutely no idea what was being said, but knowing they are seriously kind and generous people, a polite smile and acknowledgment of acceptance in their country was all I needed to feel safe.

My first trip to Norway was 4 years ago. The main purpose of that trip was to target grayling but there was also the possibility of catching salmon. Going to a completely new destination is like being blind folded, and being forever an optimist my mind normally races away with ideas and possibilities.

How times have changed for me, in terms of goals and targets. Feeling satisfied with my knowledge of and ability to catch grayling, this trip was going to be set with a new challenge and purpose. My main focus was going to be catching Atlantic salmon on the fly. To go on fishing trips is always such a pleasure, at the end of the day it’s time on your own, doing what you love.

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Photo by Lisa Isles

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Photo by Lisa Isles